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Horrible ping times when SS is cameras added

I am seeing ping times to my router that jump from 5ms to several hundred ms+ when SecuritySpy is running....with no cameras configured. I have a MacBookPro M1 chip connected via 5ghz wifi. I have tried reinstalling SS 5.4.2 with no success. Reboots and shutdowns also no joy. Ping times return to normal when I shutdown SS. Suggestions?


  • Some of SecuritySpy's features (video streaming from cameras, providing web services to access the system remotely etc.) can of course have an impact on your network, but this can't happen if there are no cameras connected, since in this case SecuritySpy isn't doing any network video streaming - it's basically just sitting there idle.

    I can't explain what you are seeing with the ping times, but ping is not always the most useful way to test connectivity. Are you seeing some actual real-world speed issues, for example slow performance when loading web pages or downloading files from the Internet?

  • Instead of uninstalling SS, I removed all the cameras from SS using the UI. Ping times returned to normal with SS running. I re-added the cameras from my SS server (issue was happening on an SS client) and ping times stayed normal. No idea why the issue existed in the first place, but it is fixed now. :).

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