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Windows and using separate monitors -

Hi Ben! You've solved every other problem I've had, and you may have already solved this, but I can't figure it out - ;-)

I've mounted a large screen in the middle of my warehouse, and run an HDMI extender out of my mini to it. I have the main SS window moved over to this screen, with my main cameras I want to check on during the day rotating through their displays - and this all essentially works fine. Except that when the main screen on the mini goes to sleep, the feed to the remote monitor stops. I can let click the SS app on the main monitor menu bar and choose my group, and it comes back up - so thats no a huge problem, but if there were a way to keep that active on the secondary screen it would be nicer.

Since the main SS window fills this remote monitor, and its a fair distance (and over my shoulder) from my primary monitor, I set my mouse cursor to XXL so I could see where it was to select the menus for SS. Worked, but have discovered there is a memory problem on the Mac when using large cursors - so I've had to kill that - which means when I want to access the preferences, or anything else, I need to kinda guess where the mouse is, walk over and look up at the screen and go back to the desk and try to get the mouse moved to where I need it and try clicking and moving til I get the menu item I want - a pita -so, Is there a way to add a menu option to the SS icon in the menu bar that would open the prefs window, or even better, the entire SS main menu, on the primary monitor when the main display is on the secondary monitor? Or, is there a way to select camera groups and automatically send them to the secondary display, while keeping the app and its menu choices on the main display?

Hope this makes sense - Thanks!!


  • I think the only way to prevent the screen from sleeping is to set the "Turn display off" setting to "Never" in the Energy Save system preference. This will of course affect both monitors, so one way to deal with this would be to use mirroring so that both monitors display the same thing - this way you have the cameras being displayed all the time in both locations. Another way would be to simply manually turn the regular monitor on/off as needed.

    The keyboard shortcut command-comma opens the Preferences window, and there are some options in the Window menu to move windows between monitors, so that might help. Screen mirroring would help here too, since you would see the same thing on both displays. I am however surprised that you have seen problems when using the large mouse cursor - what problems does this cause and how were you able to diagnose this?

  • You might find the "Shake to find" feature in 10.15 useful. When you wiggle the cursor back and forth, it grows to that you can find it easier.

  • Hey Ben - Setting the screen sleep

    to never is an option, and I may pursue it - ( shop is a mess - )

    I don't want mirroring, I have a very large monitor on my work desk, and it can have windows up on it monitoring my 3d printer, or shipping software, or even a video game (don't tell my wife!) - the other monitor is about 15 ft away, hanging from the ceiling so when I hear car crashes, gun shots, screams, or lots of barking, I can just glance up and see what the natives are up to outside.

    Interestingly, when I move the SS window to the second display, and hit cmd-F, it opens full screen on both monitors, and I can't figure out how to close just one, without hitting cmd-F again to minimize them.

    This isn't a major thing, just an inconvenience, but it seems like it would be fun to be able to "cast" a screen to a specific monitor while controlling views and options from the main screen -

    As far as the mouse issue - I have an M1 mini, 16g ram, OS 12.4, and when I had the cursor size set to a large option, I was occasionally getting messages from the OS advising me that system memory was low, and to quit unneeded apps. But even quitting all of them wouldn't clear it. It never seemed to cause any issues in any apps operation, but I was tired of the message, so I googled it, and all posts indicated it was an issues with this mouse option. Went back to standard mouse, haven't seen the message again - '

    Appreciate all your help!!


  • Being able to restrict the full screen display to certain monitors has come up a few times as a potential feature that we can certainly see a good need for. Therefore, we have implemented this feature in the latest beta version of SecuritySpy (currently 5.4.3b2) and you will find it in the software under Preferences > Display.

    With this, you can use SecuritySpy's full screen mode (Command-F) for full-screen display of your cameras on the second screen only, leaving the main monitor free for other tasks. When you have had a chance to test this please report back and let me know your feedback.

    That's certainly interesting about the mouse cursor issue, I wasn't aware of that. I expect that Apple will fix it in some future macOS update.

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