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Continuous Capture not creating a new file at midnight

I am curious if anyone has experienced this and if there is a setting I am missing. I am on the latest version of SS (5.4.2) running on a 2018 Intel Mac Mini (6 cores, 64GB RAM) with an 8 cameras (all ethernet).

I have the continuous capture enabled in addition to motion detection on all 8 cameras with the setting of "Create new->Daily at midnight" enabled. It has been like this for a long time with zero issues.

In the past few weeks I have noticed that some of the cameras do not have a new file created for the day. If I start/stop SS, then all the cameras that did not previously have a daily file have one from that restart time. The others continue to append to the already created file.

I cannot think of what has changed or what I should be investigating.

Other thing is - it is not always the same camera - that appears to be random.

Thanks for any suggestions.



  • Hi Eric, sorry about this, there seems to be a bug in v5.4.2 whereby if a file is started at midnight, there is a chance that it gets incorrectly placed into the capture folder for the previous day, and therefore does not show up in the current day's recordings. This should now be fixed in the latest beta version of SecuritySpy (currently 5.4.3b1). Please confirm.

  • Thanks! I installed the beta yesterday. This morning the continuous capture files were created as expected at midnight. This does resolve the issue.

    Thank you!

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