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eventStream - multipart/mixed and text/event-stream

I've been trying to read the Security Spy event stream to a browser using the EventSource interface of the server-sent-events api.

However I get the error:-

'EventSource's response has a MIME type ("multipart/mixed") that is not "text/event-stream". Aborting the connection'

Is there, or will you be implementing, a format of 'text/event-stream'?

Or, is there a way for the browser to read the either the text/plain or multipart/mixed formats, EventSource does seem to like them.



  • "text/event-stream" seems to refer to Server-sent events, which is a specific format for HTTP notifications. This is not the format that SecuritySpy uses. SecuritySpy's event stream (which can be sent either as plain text or multipart text) is not designed to be consumed by a web browser, but rather by third-party applications that interface with SecuritySpy (e.g. home automation systems).

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