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Least expensive & long term iPad option?

edited May 19 in SecuritySpy

I have several places that I want monitoring capability and I'm thinking that the best solution is used iPads. Am I thinking correctly that any iPad that runs IOS 10 or newer should be OK? And that memory/cpu shouldn't be a factor?

Likelihood that the iPad app will begin requiring a newer version of IOS and so I should get something that supports a minimum of IOS xx.x ?

I'll likely get something from Gazelle or Backmarket though I'm open to suggestions/warnings :-) All but one can fairly easily be powered so a worn battery isn't a huge concern.



  • iOS 10 is currently our minimum supported system. While we have no particular plans to remove support for iOS 10, this system is getting a bit old now, and some of the newer features we plan for the app may require us to increase this minimum system requirement in the future. So to make sure you won't have this problem in the foreseeable future, I would advise you to get an iPad that can use iOS 12 or later. You are correct that memory/processor won't be an issue - any iPad that meets the minimum system requirement can run the SecuritySpy app perfectly well.

  • Thanks Ben.

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