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Sunba P636

I just bought a Sunba P636. When I add it to SecuritySpy with ONVIF, I get an error:

05/13/2022 09:40:33: Error communicating with network device "Balcony". 5.4.1,8440,998 Error from network device. 

I works fine with manual configuration, but then I don't have PTZ controls.

I know ONVIF on the camera is set up and working because I can add it as an ONVIF camera to the iPhone app Streamie and it connects and the PTZ controls work..


  • Please try updating to SecuritySpy version 5.4.2 to see if this resolves the problem. You can use the "Check For Update" option in the File menu of your current version of SecuritySpy.

  • That fixed it, thanks.

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