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Per-mask notification disabling

edited May 12 in SecuritySpy

Hi Ben;

So, I have a dome IP camera out front. It is set up with two masks. The first works great, whenever human-based motion is detected, it triggers the action to spin the camera and track the person to the front door.

I have a second mask which is set to trigger on vehicles only; it pans to a specific angle when it picks up vehicles, zooms in for a period, then resets. (We have a high crime issue in our city, and this helps with license plate identification).

I have set the preferences on the main camera to ignore vehicles, and notify me for humans only, which is what I want. But in order to get the vehicle mask to work, I had to get it to trigger the main camera to start recording. When it does so, I get a generic 'movement detected' notification.

Do you have any suggestions on how to disable the notifications? I want to record cars coming and going, but don't want 200 notifications every day. 😂

Thanks in advance.


  • Interesting setup! If I am understanding you correctly, you have added the same camera twice to SecuritySpy, with one instance for detecting humans and the other for detecting vehicles, is that correct? Why are you getting the vehicle instance to trigger the main instance for recording, rather than simply let the vehicle instance do its own recording? Then you will get the first instance recording humans and the second instance recording vehicles. Or have I misunderstood your setup?

  • No, you have it right. I realized my error after reading your post and set the mask to record and not trigger the physical camera, and it does record.

    So the system is set up with the camera (which notifies and records people only), mask HUMAN (which causes the camera to rotate between preset PTZ points), and mask CAR, which zooms and pans to a third PTZ preset.

    Camera records and notifies of humans anywhere in an unmasked area. Mask HUMAN does not record or notify, only triggers the script to move. Mask CAR triggers the script and records only vehicles in the appropriate area, but by doing so I am getting a notification of ‘movement detected ’ from the camera itself (not the normal human detected notifier). Is there perhaps some setting I’m missing that temporarily suspends other notifications from the same camera while another action/script is running?

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