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Use of SecuritySpy with existing NVR

I have an existing NVR (an LTS LTN8716) and nine LTS CMIP7442W cameras, all of which came with the house we moved into. The system seems to work well and is stable. It is recording just fine and I'm happy with the cameras. The software is atrocious, though. For starters, it uses old browser technology which means I need to use Parallels to boot Microsoft Edge, put Edge into compatibility mode so that it can run NPAPI/ActiveX plugins, and even then it is pretty unstable and slow. I'd like to get a new software "head end" through which I could view the cameras and the recorded content. I understand SecuritySpy's core usage is really more to act as its own NVR, but can it do this as well?



  • LTS devices seem to have good ONVIF support, so it may be possible for SecuritySpy to connect to the LTN8716 NVR using ONVIF in order to access the live video streams. In SecuritySpy, check whether the device appears as an ONVIF auto-discovered device under Preferences > Cameras > Device > Auto-Discovered Devices. If so, then it should be easy to set up live video streaming to SecuritySpy from the NVR.

    Otherwise, the CMIP7442W cameras definitely do support ONVIF and can be used directly with SecuritySpy, however this may require that you get rid of the NVR and connect the cameras directly to your network using a PoE Ethernet switch.

    There is no way for SecuritySpy to access recordings from the LTS NVR however, or manage it in any other way. The best solution here would be to get the live video streaming into SecuritySpy working, either from the NVR or from the cameras directly, and then set SecuritySpy to do its own recording.

  • I had a simular situation with Xyclop NVR and cameras and replace the NVR with an PoE switch. Make sure that you check the config of the LTS NVR to see what IP address the cameras use. Possible you need to add a different subnet to your Mac if the IP address of the cameras are in a different range than your Mac is.


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