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Do AI motion detection settings exclude other motion events?

Here's what I'm asking -

Under Triggers in a camera setup:

I have Motion detection enabled

Sensitivity set to 80 - so it should trigger on very small amounts of motion detected.

I also have Motion Capture AI trigger set to 50 for human and for vehicle

Action AI triggers are set to off - because I don't have actions yet.

I'm saving both motion data and AI data.

Camera is behind a barn... I'm TRYING to catch a woodchuck (bigger fatter version of a UK hedgehog) on camera so I know when he/she shows up... to, um, politely discuss options ofr not digging under my barn.

Camera triggers and records me when I walk over... I have not once gotten a motion alert that's not AI based.

This seems weird to me - because not all motion is ever human or vehicle...

Does the AI setting cause an evaluation of a "motion" event and becasue the AI does not classify it - it never alerts to motion and never records a motion clip? If so - that's a bug IMHO - motion is motion... AI classified motion is a special case of motion (I think @Ben even basically said that when I brough up the recording filters on ATV )


Do i need to crank that Sensitivity up even higher?


  • The point of the AI is to filter out all the false-positive detections that you get with standard movement-based motion detection. Normally you have things like trees blowing in the wind, shadows, animals etc. that you don't want to cause recording/notifications, and the AI filters these out and looks for ONLY humans and/or vehicles.

    So if you want something that is not a human and not a vehicle to cause a trigger (e.g. a woodchuck) you will need to turn off the AI, so that you get triggers based on any motion that happens. You will get some false positive detections, but this is the only way to detect something that isn't a human or vehicle.

    One further observation: you said you want to receive motion alerts, but you also said that you don't have any actions. Motion alerts (e.g. push notifications to your iPhone) are classed as Actions, so you will need to set a suitable schedule for the Actions mode for the camera in order for notifications to happen (e.g. "Armed 24/7").

    80 is a high sensitivity - the higher the sensitivity, the more false-positive triggers you will get. I wouldn't advise a higher sensitivity than this. Hopefully this will give you good results in detecting your furry friend after turning off the AI.

  • So… I got a motion alert today. It was a cat.

    and it still has AI on for humans

    alert said motion

    walked out to cam. Got an alert. It said human.

    so it does what it shouldn’t do but I want it to do!

  • Here's what you wrote above:

    "I also have Motion Capture AI trigger set to 50 for human and for vehicle

    Action AI triggers are set to off"

    In this situation, Motion Capture will be triggered on humans and vehicles (only) but Actions (which include notifications) will be triggered for all motion. So, assuming you still have these settings, what you are seeing is consistent.

    I probably wasn't clear enough in my distinction between Motion Capture vs. Actions in my above message. The AI can be set independently for each. Assuming you have the AI turned off for Actions, you should get notifications for ALL motion (provided a suitable schedule is set, for example "Armed 24/7", and the sensitivity and trigger time settings are consistent with the amount and duration of motion that you want to capture). On the other hand, if you have the human AI turned on for Actions (e.g. set to 50), notifications should happen only when a human is detected.

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