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Feature Request: Video Synopsis

I saw this cool post on reddit where a company has a feature where they super impose all the movement for a period of time in a single short summary video. Check it out. There is some discussion on the post about the company having a patent on it, so maybe that would be a problem. Also it the comments, someone mentions how they coded something similar and have it up on Github.


  • Thanks for drawing our attention to this, it's certainly an interesting way to summarise a longer CCTV video, though I'm not convinced to what extent this is a curious gimmick rather than a practically useful feature. We have no plans to add something like this to SecuritySpy, and as you say if it's patented then it might be legally difficult for us to do so.

  • I think the key to the usefulness of the feature is that the times are included with the images. That way it serves as an index into the captures. You can watch a short video and find the time of the true capture you want to watch.

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