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New to V 5.4.1 - Browser Window, File Loading

After many years on previous version upgraded to see if I could make my system more stable.

Still going through the different features.

One thing I have noticed is that when I go to the Browser Window, my files take over a minute to load for each camera (Scanning for Files....)

In the previous version the process was almost instant.

Has something changed, or perhaps I need to reset some setting?



  • I'm not sure what previous version of SecuritySpy you are using, but the Browser has undergone significant changes over the years, and is now a lot more sophisticated and feature-rich than it used to be. The time taken for the scan depends on a few factors, mainly the number of files and the speed of your drive. One thing that often causes slowdowns when scanning for files is if you are recording high numbers of still images files from your cameras. For example, we have seen cases where users were capturing a still image every 10s from multiple cameras, which is useful for some purposes (e.g. timelapse capture) but produces tens of thousands of files per day and can lead to long scanning times in the Browser. Are you doing something similar perhaps?

  • Hi Ben,

    Previous version 4.2.14.

    When I set the search parameters, I only choose continuous capture movies.

  • The main factor that affects the scan speed is the number of files that have been captured for any particular day, not the search parameters in the Browser. One way to determine this is to locate the capture destination for this particular camera in the Finder - within this you will see multiple "day folders" with names in the format YYYY-MM-DD. Select yesterday's day folder (as this will be complete will all the files from that day) and Get Info in the Finder (Command-I) on the keyboard. In this Get Info window, how many files does it say that are in the folder?

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