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Coral TPU

edited April 28 in SecuritySpy

I know they’re impossible to find at reasonable prices right now with the chip shortage, but are there any plans for SecuritySpy to leverage a coral TPU for advanced motion detection? I’d love to be able to plug in a USB TPU and get super accurate people detection, etc with SecuritySpy. Frigate is the FOSS project currently doing this. If not TPU, then maybe deepstack integration?


  • Not at the moment. All deep learning features in SecuritySpy run on Apple's CoreML platform, which leverages the powerful hardware that Apple provides, especially in the new M1 chips. SecuritySpy's people detector is 96% accurate and runs in 2ms on the M1, which is hard to beat. If at any point Apple decides to support additional hardware in CoreML - for example an external TPU - then this should be automatically leveraged by SecuritySpy, but I doubt that this will happen considering how powerful the M1 already is, and its rapid rate of improvement.

  • Thanks for your reply Ben. After your reply, I spent more time reading your motion detection documentation and playing with the settings. I think you're correct that the accuracy is quite good. The challenge I am having is the same as others who've posted - Stationary cars in the driveway getting false positives, mostly at night when headlights from cars shine on my parked car (or snow and rain). Coral won't solve that. I see someone already posted this issue on the forum and it seems the only current solution is to disable the vehicle detection entirely. Thanks again

  • @cmh716

    first. Gotta ask. Is the 716 like Buffalo (western NY) area code?

    anyhow - the workaround is to configure a second camera exactly like the first. Then set schedules. One with vehicle off at night. One with vehicle on during the day.

    not perfect but will stop the alerts at night. And if you keep human on - if a car does pull in and someone gets out - you will get that.

    Honestly - as good as the machine model is that Ben uses… there is no intelligence in the AI… anywhere that’s not a SS thing 😉

  • Hi fishpick,

    Yes I'm in Alden. Thanks for the tip on configuring a second camera. I'll give that a try.

  • Yes, for reasons discussed in more detail elsewhere, for any camera view in which there is frequently a stationary vehicle, you basically can't use SecuritySpy's vehicle detector AI, because this would be triggered by the stationary vehicle whenever there is any motion in front of it. Instead, you can either use the human detector only (which will trigger only when it detects a human), or you can turn off hte AI and use basic motion detection (which will trigger for any motion, whether that is a vehicle or a human or a racoon).

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