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Recommendation for dirt-cheap wireless camera?

I need to get a new camera as mine was unfortunately damaged, its purpose is to sit inside a hedgehog feeding station and allow me to watch, you guessed it, wild hedgehogs feeding!

I have previously used Reolink cameras but they can be pretty flakey with SS so would prefer another brand. My 'needs' are:

1080p is ok

wifi connection to my router

known to work 100% with SS - perhaps the only 'must have' condition


PTZ not necessary but would be nice

power supplied over micro-usb would be nice but not essential

Cheap as chips...

Any and all advice would be appreciated, as it is limited use I really don't want to spend as much as I have done previously on cameras so the less it costs the better really.


  • BenBen
    edited April 27

    Take a look at the Amcrest IP2M-841B-V3 - it ticks all boxes. It's not exactly small, but it's not huge. Mechanical pan/tilt is necessarily bulky. Do you think this would do the job?

    You didn't indicate whether you need a waterproof/outdoor camera or not (the above Amcrest isn't waterproof). Outdoor cameras tend to be larger than indoor ones.

  • Thanks very much for the info, I will take a serious look at that one, waterproof isn't essential but my last one got dropped in a bowl of water by a gull when the lid came off the feeder in high winds so it may be a good idea...

  • OK, here are a couple of other options for you, both waterproof but without pan/tilt:

    Dahua DH-IPC-HFW1435SN-W-S2

    TP-LINK Tapo C310 or C320WS

  • Ben,

    re: the TP-LINK Tapo C310 or C320WS, do these have similar issues as the ReoLink with dropped connections?

  • Hi @etrust I'm not aware of any such issues with the TP-Link cameras. The main problem that we have come across with some (but not all) Reolink cameras is corrupt RTSP streams, which can look like dropped connections but aren't exactly. Do you have any information about the reliability of TP-Link cameras?

  • I’m very cheap so ended up going for a TP Link c110 - £20.99 on Amazon. Frame rate is set at 15fps but has 3mp resolution - extremely easy to set up and worked straightaway with SS, initial impressions are that for my useage case - inside a feeding station box I use for watching wildlife - it is ideal, great image and no drops at all over Wi-Fi.

    thanks for the advice to look at tp link

  • Great to hear that! Thanks for reporting back. Now please post some pictures of feeding hedgehogs :)

  • Can upload the video unfortunately but here is a quick one!

  • Very nice! They are lovely creatures.

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