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Control4 Cameras

edited April 23 in SecuritySpy

I would appreciate the forum’s help with a question I have. Can securityspy make use of the video feeds from control4 surveillance camera system or is this only possible the other way around? (from securityspy -> control4 with the appropriate driver) Say for example I had luma surveillance cameras or clareone surveillance cameras integrated into a control4 project, can securityspy be used to view the feed on a mac? I understand that a control4 camera feed can be viewed from the appropriate control4 interface, I am just curious if the set-up described is possible?

Thank you


  • SecuritySpy can stream video to Control4 - this works via the Control4 SecuritySpy driver, so that any camera you have added to SecuritySpy can additionally be added to Control4.

    Alternatively, you can add the same camera both to Control4 (with an appropriate driver there) and to SecuritySpy separately - most cameras can deliver multiple simultaneous streams in this way.

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