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Really Cool iOS App Feature Request

Hi Ben,

It would be really awesome if the iOS app, would allow to download the captured footage to the phone by a long press on one of the recordings from the list.

There is a Save Files option that comes up from iOS however it’s only the text file with the link. If downloading footage is can be achieved it will really be very useful.

Who else thinks this is a good move?


  • This is currently a feature, but only works for files below a certain size, because otherwise they may take a long time to download. Larger files are currently only shared via a link.

    What we are planning for the next update is to ask the user if they want to share via file or share via link, so that either can be chosen for any file. So this should then provide what you are describing.

  • That’s fantastic Ben! The files I were trying were larger in size. However I’ve tried with smaller sizes and it works a treat.

    What is the current maximum file size for downloading ?

    Also will the sharing via file having a maximum size?

  • The current size is around 20 MB. In the next update, we'll give users the choice to share by link or share by file. Sharing by file will be allowed up to any size, but of course large files may take a long time to download, especially over slow connections.

  • This is cool!

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