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Feature / Bug Request : motion filters not the same

So in the Browser on the Mac - you can select explicitly tagged AI motion events for Humans and Vehicles (as well as an advanced search)

this is in addition to the standard “all files”, “movies”, “motion capture movies”, etc…

BUT on the iOS SecuritySpy app - the explicit AI filters are not available when you are looking at the filters.

would be nice and very handy if they matched


  • Thanks for the feedback. Yes, currently the iOS app's playback display is centred around a list of files, and so the filters available are only file filters, not event filters. Whereas the Browser, with its increased complexity, can display both files and events, and so all filters are available. I'm not sure if we'll be able to add an events search to the iOS app in the near future, as this would require major changes, but we'll certainly take a look at this for a future update.

  • +1 for having the same file and event filters between the browser and the iOS app.

    I came to SecuritySpy from Sighthound Video and really miss having the ability to filter for humans in the mobile app.

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