FTP Server using Netgear Ready NAS Duo
  • Hi, I'm trying to set up a FTP server so that I can have motion activated recording. Im not really that familier with FTP servers but seem to have set a server up on the ready nas (called CCTV) I have entered the details in to security spy, they all seem to go in ok but no files have been written to the folder even though i have selected continues recording. I have put the server address as the IP address of the drive and the server path as CCTV and the user and password as I set up on the netgear. Can someone please advise me where I'm going wrong? Thanks in advance.
  • If you just want to set SecuritySpy to record to your NAS, you simply need to mount the disk onto your Mac desktop (use the "Connect to Server" option in the Go menu in the Finder). Use the URL "afp:///" to connect to it. This initial setup only needs to be done once. Then, your Mac sees it as any other external disk, and you can set it as the capture destination for any camera in SecuritySpy - this setting is at the bottom of the Setup section of the Camera Settings window.
  • I have selected a place on the HDD and selected to capture but it still doesn't seem to have started a file that I can click to watch
  • Good, that's progress. To get SecuritySpy to capture anything, you must set up some capture options in the Camera Settings window (either under the "Motion capture" tab or the "Continuous capture" tab). Then, set the camera(s) to Active mode using the Control menu or the Camera Status window. This will activate the capture settings that you've enabled.

    To view the captured footage (even while it's being recorded), use the Browser feature in SecuritySpy, which you will find in the Browser menu at the top of the screen.
  • Thanks Ben thats worked.

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