restart after crash timeout
  • I read this part in the manual:

    "If this option is enabled, an auxiliary application is launched that monitors SecuritySpy and will restart it if it crashes. The auxiliary application runs invisibly in the background and uses practically no CPU time. If SecuritySpy crashes while video is being captured, at most only a few minutes of video will be lost."

    Well, after a couple days of uptime running the demo (SS 3.0.4 on an iMac 11,3 running OSX 10.8.4 with 16GB ram) SS crashed and came back up. My question is, how often is the auxiliary application checking if SS is up? A few minutes could be the entire incident I'm trying to capture. Is the aux app getting a signal immediately from launchd? Polling every 5 seconds? Minutes?
  • It polls every 5 seconds to check if SecuritySpy is running.

    Please can you email us the crash log file so that we can look into this crash further and see what might have gone wrong? To find it: hold the alt key while clicking the Go menu in the Finder; select the Library option from that menu; navigate to /Logs/DiagnosticReports/ within the Library folder; the crash logs are there.

  • Thanks. I got another crash and checked the timestamp. I've got an event in the browser a minute after the crash so it appears it came up pretty quickly.

    Sending crash log.

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