Substreams? (Was: Frame Rate issues)
  • Thought I would start a new thread for the benefit of others.

    So, based on Ben's reply to my previous inquiry where I was only getting 1FPS in the Main Camera View window, I have educated myself further and realize 1 FPS is all my particular camera can produce at maximum resolution, regardless of what frame rate it might say in the camera controls. So that explained my frame rate issue. I can drop from 3MP to 1080p and double the rate.

    My new question is: Is it possible to access a substream for display purposes while still relying on the high resolution stream for motion detection and capture events?

    Thank you!
  • That's interesting, can you tell us what camera make/model you are using? 1 FPS seems very low, even for 3 MP resolution.

    You can set up SecuritySpy to receive two streams from the same camera: create two different network devices that both point to the same address. The second one you may need to set up manually if there is no option in SecuritySpy to use the second stream (check if the "Input number" menu is available in the Video Device Settings window).

    However, doing this will cause two streams to be transmitted by the camera to SecuritySpy, probably slowing down its performance even more!

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