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Need help getting SVC3 up and running in Security Spy

As recommended in another thread, I bought an SVC3 outdoor camera. I need some help getting it connected to Security Spy. Been trying various things but can't seem to find the magic settings. Wish I could post screenshots in here. I had no trouble getting into with the camera with a browser. Set the camera up with the login to my router and now connected via wifi, ethernet disconnected. I followed these settings in tehecamera that someone posted to the Amazon reviews:

<<<(SecuritySpy recommends these camera media settings: H265 Main profile, 2560x1920, bit rate 1536, max frame rate 11 fps, key frame rate 22, VBR, image quality 1).>>>

I just don't know what to do from here out, any help appreciated.

Security Spy 3.4.8.


  • Tried about 100 more things, really wanted to get this installed today.

  • The main problem here is that you are using a very old version of SecuritySpy. SecuritySpy v3 was discontinued over 5 years ago now and has no support for H.265 video data. The one thing you could try (though it's not guaranteed to work) is to set the camera to H.264 mode, make sure that ONVIF is enabled in the camera, and use the ONVIF profile in SecuritySpy.

    But really the best thing that I can suggest is to use the latest v5 version of SecuritySpy. This does require macOS 10.13 however - what system version are you running?

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    Ugh, I bought this camera on the recommendation of this forum. I'm running 10.11.6.

  • I've been banging my head against the wall with this all morning and now I have to leave. I can't see any way to set to "H.264 Mode."

  • I set the camera to H264 mode and it worked. The camera has 3 options for H264: "H264 baseline," "H264 mainprofile" and "H264 highprofile." Think it makes any difference which I choose?

  • I'm glad this is now working! Sorry you spent so much time on this - the vast majority of users are using the latest version of SecuritySpy on modern macOS system versions, so this is what most of the suggestions on this forum will apply to. Since you are running macOS 10.11, you could use SecuritySpy v4 rather than v3, which is a big improvement overall, however the minimum system version required for using H.265 video data is macOS 10.13.

    For H.264, I would recommend using the baseline or main profile for the widest decoding/playback compatibility.

  • Thank you Ben. Sorry to be so whiny. I'll probably move up to a newer mac and a newer OS and a newer version of SS eventually, but it's like, my fridge cools and freezes so I'm not buying a new one, my oven cooks and heats so I'm not buying a new one, etc. I only bought this camera because the Wansview stopped working.

  • Hey Ben, considering the above camera has worked fine ever since I bumped it down to h264-- do you see any reason this one wouldn't work with SS 3.4.8? THX!

  • Since the camera you just linked to also supports H.264, and you had success with your other recent SVC3 camera and SecuritySpy v3.4.8, I don't see why not, although of course I can't say for sure!

  • Thanks Ben! They want to give me a camera to test in exchange for a review...

  • Thank you - absolutely no problem setting up this new camera, just carrying over what I did with its much more primitive cousin. Big problem is that I couldn't mount it where the one it's replacing was because it's huge and heavy, and now it's outside reliable range of my router.

  • Good to hear that the setup of this camera in SecuritySpy was easy. Pity it's so large and therefore awkward to install - it does look like a bit of a beast! But that is somewhat to be expected for an outdoor PTZ camera with 15X zoom.

  • I'm making a project out of trying to improve my wifi reach... tried a cheap range extender, mixed results. New router on the way.

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