Control frame rate on Main Video Window View?
  • Hello,

    I recently installed SS and have most of my configuration where I am happy with it - but one thing I have not been able to find:

    On my main video window (all cameras) - the cameras all report as running at 1 FPS, but my cams are configured at 6 FPS, is there a way to increase the screen display speed on this view?

    Along similar lines - can the webserver view FPS be adjusted?

  • If the reported frame rate in the main video window is 1fps, then this is the rate at which video is being processed by SecuritySpy. This will therefore be the rate at which images are served via SecuritySpy's web server. There could be several reasons for the low frame rate:

    - The network isn't fast enough to support a higher frame rate (especially if it's wireless)
    - The computer isn't fast enough to process frames at a higher rate
    - The settings in the camera are incorrect
    - The settings in the Video Device Settings window in SecuritySpy are incorrect

    You can check the computer CPU load using Activity Monitor (in your /Application/Utilities/ folder). If you are still having problems, please email us with as many screenshots as you think are relevant to fully demonstrate the problem and your settings, and we'll investigate this further for you (also please provide the make/model of your cameras).
  • OK, thanks for information - let me check out and will get back in touch via email if needed.

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