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Reolink 810a - anyone have this working?

edited July 2021 in SecuritySpy
Anyone have this working in their setup? Had it working in BI last month, but put the camera away for a bit, and when I bring it out it's not connecting. Might be camera itself, so will trouble shoot there, but if anyone has it working would be interested to hear profile/settings.


  • I have a couple of Reolink RLC-420-5MP cameras working. I am using the Reolink profile and RTSP H.264.
  • Some users have reported success using the "Reolink" profile that is available in SecuritySpy, however note that we do not officially support Reolink cameras because we have seen so many problems with them, please see our note about this on the SecuritySpy supported cameras list.
  • That’s a very obvious warning you’ve posted. Thanks. (Too late for me, but good to know).
  • I had an old reolink die on me and I just bought the 810A. I've got a weird thing where it's reading twice the amount of FPS. And when I see the picture the center is fine but the right and left third are garbled. Wish I could post a pic. Anyone ever get this camera to work?
  • I just bought 4 Reolink 810A cameras. They do not work in SecuritySpy. I have many other Reolink cameras that work in SecuritySpy, but apparently not this one. Time to do a return I guess.

  • BenBen
    edited June 7

    Hi @dkremer since the above messages last year, some users have reported success with the Reolink 810A cameras and SecuritySpy. The trick is to update their firmware to the latest version offered by Reolink, which fixes problems with the video streaming. Then use either the "Reolink" or "ONVIF" profile in SecuritySpy to get them working. I hope this will work for you.

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