Support for Dahua VTO3211D-Px multi button video doorbell?
  • Ideally I'd like to have a two button video doorbell. One button for a traditional Doorbell and one for Delivery Notification.

    One issue we have is that delivery folks will press our current button just to notify us that they've left a package on our stoop. This is a pain if we're doing something like in the middle of a workout and don't easily know if someone is at the door and needs us to come or they've just left a package and we can get it whenever we get a chance.

    The Dahua VTO3211D-P2 might be a good solution for this. Any chance of getting this supported by SS?
  • The camera part of this doorbell seems to be a standard Dahua IP camera, and as such it will work with SecuritySpy for live video and two-way audio. However SecuritySpy doesn't support the call buttons themselves - I'm not entirely sure how these work. Do you already have a plan for how you can use these?

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