iOS app notifications open the corresponding captured video file and being playing it
  • Is there a way to get the iOS app notifications to open the corresponding captured video file and begin playing it? When I click on the notification, it properly opens SecuritySpy, but instead of taking me to the live view of the camera, I would prefer it open the captured file associated with the notification. I would also like it to begin playing it. I understand that the notification may not have an associated captured file, which in that case it does make sense just to show the live view.
  • You have identified the problem, which is that the notifications are independent from the captured files - depending on the settings, one might exist without the other. And, having different possible behaviour for the same action isn't ideal. So I think, at least for now, the behaviour will stay the same. From the live view of the camera in the iOS app, you can quickly get to the captured files by clicking the icon at the top right (square icon with horizontal lies that represent the list of captured footage).
  • To help give a little more clarity why this is important to me. I don't do continuous capture, only motion capture. To make sure I don't miss something, I have it capture more motion than I am really interested in. For the actions, I only want to be notified if the AI is pretty certain. This results in me potentially having a bunch of captured files to look through before I can find the one that caused the notification.
    I would say that I have never seen an app before that didn't take you to the context of the notification when you tap on the notification.
  • I completely understand why going straight to the captured file is sometimes the most useful thing to do. However, it's also the case that going to the live video is often the best thing to do. For example: someone comes to the front door, you get a notification, you tap the notification which takes you to the live video, and from here you can observe the person or turn on two-way audio to talk to the person. This is completely within the context of the notification.

    Perhaps we could implement some kind of option that takes you to the capture file if one exists, though this is complicated by to the fact there is not a 1:1 relationship between notifications and captures. I'll add this as a possible feature to the next iOS app update.
  • Perhaps there is a time component as a user preference. "Show captured video if notification is older than x seconds" or something like that. Behavior defaults to live view as you have it now, but if the notification is older than the specified amount, it will show the captured video. This would cover both use cases. I would probably set it to 30 seconds.

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