PTZ button not working on Hanwha QNV-8080R
  • Saw your 2020 recommendation of the HANWHA TECHWIN QNV-7080R, and purchased a HANWHA TECHWIN QNV-8080R PTZ Dome camera from B&H. Build quality, features and price all excellent. Using SecuritySpy 5.3.3 and the Hanwha Techwin (Wisenet) profile and stream 3 with SecuritySpy 5.3.3, on a 2018 Intel Mac Mini running 10.14.6. I get images at 30 fps, suggesting camera itself is good but PTZ button greyed out. PTZ functions working on other cameras at the same time. ONVIF profile (steams 2 or 3) work at 10-15 fps but also does not provide PTZ function.

    Wisenet WEBVIEWER also does not seem to provide access to PTZ or focus functions. Any suggestions? Thanks for your assistance.
  • I'm afraid the QNV-8080R is not a PTZ camera - it has no motorised control of its pan/tilt angle - the pan/tilt ranges specified in the datasheet are for manual adjustment only, at time of install. And, while it does have a motorised lens this is specified in the datasheet as "motorized varifocal", i.e. not a true zoom lens but rather a setting that is set once at time of installation.

    It is still a very nice camera, so I hope it will still be suitable for your needs.
  • Ben, I have a similar question. I got one of these on your recommendation but cannot figure out how to set it up. I found the button for the zoom, but the lens is locked pointing down and I cannot figure out how to unlock it to adjust pan and tilt. I've searched the hanwha site and found a couple of manuals but they don't mention that. I've searched youtube and all I've found is "unboxing" and marketing videos. I'm sure there's something obvious I'm missing but Duh!
  • I just checked the user manual for the QNV-8080R - the relevant pages are 15 and 17, as follows:

    First, remove the cover from the camera like this.


    Then, manually rotate/tilt/pan the lens head like this:

  • Thanks Ben, Sorry, I wasn't specific enough about the problem. I did see those instructions but there must be a locking button or something. I can rotate the lens but it won't move up and down or sideways. I don't want to try to force it. Maybe the camera is defective? I'll check with B&H support.
  • The B&H Product specialist had the answer. There's a screw on the side of the lens housing you have to loosen to adjust it, then tighten to hold it in place. Too bad the manual couldn't have mentioned that.

    Thanks, Ben for the quick response!
  • Great to hear you found the solution - it's unfortunate that the manual doesn't mention this!

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