Start recording via web UI
  • I should know this, as I am a very happy customer.
    but I don't.
    how would I trigger SSpy to record from a given camera via the web ui?
    am happy to use a REST url too.
  • wait is this it?
    in Request format
    HTTP POST to camerasettings ?
  • The easiest way to do this is via the "Scheduling" controls on the main page of the web interface. To start a recording, set the Continuous Capture schedule to "Armed 24/7", and to stop the recording, set the schedule to "Unarmed 24/7". Does that do what you want?
  • Hi Ben,
    what I need is a way for the web UI to allow people to start recording under random circumstances - specifically when spotting smoke. ( Northern California say no more )
    the motion detection is a bit challenged by smoke.
  • So that I can advise you effectively, could you please explain how the method I proposed above wouldn't work for you?
  • Thanks Ben - it would work for _me_.

    The folks using this are proto-literate barely technically capable kind hearted folks who want to push a button on the screen of their windows 95 (foo) IE browser on a 3rd-hand wallmart computer to start a recording when they see smoke plumes.
  • OK, understood! In that case it sounds like you were on the right track at first. Check out the SecuritySpy Web Server Specification for information on how to control SecuritySpy via the HTTP interface.

    The easiest option is going to be to set the Continuous Capture schedule between "Unarmed 24/7" and "Armed 24/7" in order to start/stop recording. Then you just have to issue some simple GET requests. For example, to start recording:


    where X is the camera number in question. Then, to stop recording, do the same thing with schedule=0.

    You probably also want to use the advice under the "Authentication in URL" section to add an "auth" parameter so that no additional authentication will be requested when the commands are issued.

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