How does maintain disk free space work on a NAS drive directory???
  • How does the maintain disk free space feature work? On the start-up disk I can imagine that SecuritySpy moves older files to the trash. This alone would not free up space because the file occupies space in the trash. There must be a mechanism for deleting the file directly or deleting them from the trash individually.

    This operation is not working for me on my Synology NAS drive. I find SecuritySpy that deleted files are being moving to the SecuritySpy user's #recycle folder in the space limited directory (240Gb) that I setup for SecuritySpy but the files are not being deleted. In-fact by the time I figured out what was going on, the directory was full and all the capture files were in the #recycle folder. I can't save to the start-up drive on my Mac because there is only 40Gb available on the old PPC computer.

    Un-fortunately my simple scripting choices for the NAS server are to empty ALL Users recycle folders all at once OR to disable the recycle folders for all users (not desirable).

    Anyone have any options? It is not immediately obvious how to empty only the SecuritySpy user's recycle folder with a script schedule. I'll try posting on the Synology Forums...

  • We've not seen this before, it must be a feature specific to the Synology NAS devices, where deleted files are kept, presumably to provide functionality similar to the Mac's Trash feature. When it's clearing out old files, SecuritySpy doesn't move them to the trash: it deletes them completely. Well, it uses a OS X system call which is meant to delete them completely; the NAS must be responding to this by putting them into its recycle folder. Unfortunately there won't be anything we can do to fix this by modifying SecuritySpy as it's a Synology feature.

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