Obtaining an older version?
  • I;'m presently running version 5.3.3 on an older iMac, 2010 27in model. I've noticed recently I', starting to get the dreaded ramping up of VTDecoder and Security Spy CPU usage, to the point it's crashed the machine a couple of times now.

    This is a new(ish) thing, I suspect it's started happening after an update, my instinct is it was the last large update, that slightly changed the layout when viewing live cams: CMA icons now in blocks top right, and so on. Sorry, I can't be more specific, I've just been applying updates without much attention, so not sure where that change occurred.

    I need to get a few older versions of SS to see if the issue goes away. I'm fine on older versions, they do what I need and being the machine running SS is old, it makes sense.

    So I'm wondering where I might get the older versions? I've looked around the site but can't see a link. Thanks.
  • Just realised I've v4 and v5 installed. Started using v4 and SS CPU usage dropped from an average 150% to 20%. So seems all good now on v4. Assuming it doesn't creep up.

    Be handy to grasp some older versions of v5 though, just for testing.
  • You can obtain older versions of SecuritySpy using a link in this format:


    where X is the version number without dots (e.g. "51", "522" etc).

    However, I would be very surprised if this were dependent on the SecuritySpy version - this particular issue has been reported by some users on older Mac hardware, and after extensive testing here, we have found no bugs in SecuritySpy's implementation of video decoding for any v5 version of SecuritySpy, so must conclude that it's a macOS bug that is triggered on certain Mac hardware (very rarely, fortunately).
  • Morning, thanks for that. I agree that it's not an actual SS bug, however, it does seem that some versions trigger this longstanding Mac issue, and some don't. I'm not trying to apportion blame here, just to find a solution that works for me.

    As it is, v4 is working perfectly for me, so I'll stick with that for now. The machine that runs the CCTV system is getting replaced soon, the replacement will run Big Sur, so when that happens I'll revert back to v5.x.

    Again, thanks for the help.

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