Is it possible to restart the server remotely?
  • I've been getting more frequent errors of this sort, "Could not send Apple Push Notification 5.3.3,2850,800 The operation timed out."

    After which I no longer get push notifications until I restart the server (ie, just quit the SS app and restart it...that seems to fix it)

    Of course the problem is what to do when I'm not home and get the error message - until I restart the server, I won't get any notifications of motion detection, etc.

    So, I'm wondering if there's any way to restart the server remotely, perhaps from the web interface? Or, some other way short of having to actually remote into my Mac and restart it?

  • It is possible to restart the server remotely via the "Screen Control" feature that is available via SecuritySpy's web interface. This has to be specifically enabled under Preferences > Web in SecuritySpy to make it available.

    However I'm surprised that you are getting this error in the first place, this shouldn't be happening, and is not being reported by any other user at this time. How often is this happening for you? Does it spontaneously recover, or does it always require a restart? Do you have any connection-blocking software installed (e.g. "Little Snitch")?
  • Hey @Ben I get it from time to time, it's very variable, no consistent pattern that I've seen

    It doesn't recover on it's own - I have to quit and restart SS for the notifications to start again, hence my question about what to do when I don't have immediate, easy access to my Mac

    No connection blocking software on my end

    I found that Screen Control feature in Preferences and enabled it just now

    How do I remotely restart the server from the web interface?

  • Now that you have enabled screen control, you will see that the "Screen Control" button on SecuritySpy's main web interface is available. Click it and you will be able to control the Mac's screen.

    You may also have to give SecuritySpy Accessibility and Screen Recording permissions under System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy for this to work, otherwise the system may block SecuritySpy's screen control.
  • Ok thanks I will try it out
  • Wow, this works amazingly well

    I'm assuming to disconnect from the session one needs only to close out the remote window?

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