2nd Detection mask? 1 for Video Capture, 1 for Actions?
  • I want to capture all the cars going by my house, but only want to be notified when someone is in the yard. Is there, or will there ever, be a way to mask include/exclude 2 types of areas so that video recording is triggered for one mask, and video recording AND Actions for another mask?
  • There is a workaround to achieve this, which is to add the camera twice to SecuritySpy. The first instance can have a large detection area and can do the recording, while the second instance can have a smaller detection area focussed just on the yard, and can do the notifications.

    If you use the same device settings to add the second camera instance, SecuritySpy recognises this and will pull only one stream from the camera and will not count the second instance towards the license limit.
  • Wow... that's good to know! I was using 2 physical cameras to do this. :)

    Is there anything else we *can* change, other than masking, and still not have it count as a second camera? Or, as long as the IP address is being used more than once, it won't count towards our camera limit?
  • As long as all the settings under the "Device" tab are the same, the second camera instance will not be counted towards the license limit. Any other settings can be different for the two instances.

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