What does this mean?
  • 5.3.3,89900,8807 Error from network device. DNS resolution failed - could not resolve the hostname to an IP address in order to connect to the server.
  • I only get this once in a while and I unplug the camera and plug it in and it’s gone for a while.
  • This can happen if you are using some kind of hostname (e.g. a Bonjour address), as opposed to an IP address as the address that SecuritySpy is using to connect to the camera. Hostnames need to be resolved (using the DNS system) in order to get the underlying IP address that is then used for the connection.

    This message means that the hostname could not be resolved to an IP address. If this is a Bonjour address (i.e. it ends with ".local"), this could indicate that the device is offline, or it could be some temporary problem with Bonjour.

    For the best reliability, what you could do is to assign the camera to a static IP address on your local network, and then give this address to SecuritySpy instead of the hostname. This requires a bit more setup, but is the most reliable way to make connections, because DNS resolution is not required and there is therefore less to go wrong.

    You will find instructions for doing this via Connecting to a Camera Over Ethernet - scroll down to the "Cameras with a DHCP address by default" section.

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