"Unrecongnised request" error
  • One camera often gives this error:

    Error communicating with network device "Packing Benches". 5.3.4b2,80210,404 Error from network device. Unrecognised request (resource not found on server).

    I have replaced the camera and still get the error.

    The company that put in the new (and original) camera said they tested the cable and it was fine. Updating its firmware didn't fix things either.

    Any way to find out what resource it can't find? Eg to turn on more debug info? Any other suggestions?

    Camera Profile is 'Hikvision Camera', format is RTSP (video and audio)
  • This means that the camera is returning a 404 "not found" error when SecuritySpy is requesting the video stream. Under the Hikvision profile, the request that SecuritySpy sends is identical each time. Are you saying that sometimes it works, but other times you get this error? If so, then this points to a camera problem - the camera is actually responding, so you know the network is fine, but it's responding with an error message.

    What make/model is this camera?
  • Thanks Ben. It's a DS-2CD2T65G1-I5

    It also gives:
    Error communicating with network device "Packing Benches". 5.3.4b2,70900,800 Error from network device. The operation timed out.


    Think we'll replace the ethernet cable.
  • This is quite surprising, normally Hikvision cameras are very reliable.

    Changing the Ethernet cable is worth a try. Can you confirm you are using a high-quality gigabit Ethernet hub, with the Mac also connected to this hub via wired Ethernet?

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