Actions schedule
  • Does anybody have a workaround for the actions schedule? Sunrise to sunset or sunset to sunrise is too broad for me. I want to determine what hours the schedule is active. e.g. 12:30am - 5:30 am. Using the Sunset to Sunrise schedule, I have to remember to do an Actions Schedule Override for each camera I want unarmed until midnight. There has to be a better way. Not sure if there is a scrip available that would do just that, and base the override on sunset + hrs. or Sunrise - hrs. or just time of day.
  • It sounds like the best solution here is to create your own schedule in SecuritySpy under Preferences > Scheduling > Schedules.

    Alternatively, if you do want this correlated with sunrise/sunset, you can set offsets to add/subtract from sunrise/sunset times under Preferences > Scheduling > Schedules > Advanced Schedule Options.
  • That did it. Thank You!

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