Wyze Cam V3 - RTSP firmware hack
  • Hi,

    I recently got a WyzeCam V3 and found this firmware hack that enables RTSP.


    I installed the hack and have been able to successfully open and connect to the stream using vlc with the following command: "vlc --demux h264"

    What settings should I use to try and get this working in SecuritySpy? I've messed around bit, but haven't had any success yet.


  • It's unclear what format this stream is, because it starts with "http" and not "rtsp". In the readme of the firmware that you link to, I see no mention of RTSP. What makes you believe that this firmware enables RTSP support?

    Can you get any URL that starts with "rtsp://" to work with VLC?
  • Appears you're right. I kinda realized after I posted that it doesn't explicitly say it's RTSP.

    I can't get it to respond to an "RTSP://" based URL.

    I made the mistake because I saw someone refer to it as RTSP and seems like I got ahead of myself.

    thx Ben.

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