Ios app: image format
  • Hi
    i just bought the ios app, and i have a question about the aspect ratio of the image.
    I used to use Spyglass, which allows me to have all my cameras on one screen, like this:

    With SSpy ios app, I can have either the cameras one after the other, or a mosaic with all the cameras (with the multiplex).
    But in this case the images are not resized so I only see part of the image, like this:

    I would like to be able to display my 8 cameras with a resized image, to have them all on the screen at the same time.
    Is it possible?


    Iphone 12 - ios 14.5.1
  • In Multiplex view, the SecuritySpy iOS app will crop images to fit on the screen, so depending on the aspect ratio of the screen vs. the aspect ratio of the camera images, there may be significant amounts of cropping.

    If you turn the phone sideways to landscape mode I think you will get a more pleasing grid, is this the case?
  • Hi Ben

    Yes you’re right. Evreything is ok in landscape mode.
    However, I would have liked to have all the cameras visible in portrait mode, on a mosaic. Is this planned in a future version, which would allow the camera view to be configured by modifying the size of the images?

  • I think we could probably optimise the multiplex display better in portrait mode, so we'll look at that. But what you really seem to be asking for is an equivalent of the main "Cameras" screen - the one where all cameras are stacked vertically in a scrollable list - but with more columns; then it would look like the Spyglass screenshot you refer to. We judged that one column is optimum on the iPhone, but we do use multiple columns on the iPad. Maybe we can add this as an option that can be adjusted by the user.
  • Yes it’s exactly that I want :)
    An option which permit to adjust it :)
  • I second this request! Would also love a main view layout closer to spyglass so I have an instant overview over all my feeds. Would be much more useful for me.

    Maybe the "cameras" view could have an option to either show the current view or a tiled, 2-row, view?
  • Thanks for the feedback. It sounds like adding a settings option for "Number of columns in Cameras view" will be the solution here, and shouldn't be too difficult for us to implement. I'll see if we can add this in the next update of the iOS app.
  • Yeah great news Ben :)

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