Issues uploading motion detection files with ftp
  • Hi,

    I'm running security spy for a couple of months now and finaly today I spent some time on motion detection.

    Everything works fine except one small thing.

    I want to upload motion detected movies and jpegs to a NAS, somewhere else.

    The NAS, synology DS111, latest DSM version accepts ftp, accepts passive ftp and I've a working account on it.
    Securityspy, latest 3.04 version try's to upload, but stores only one file with the right file size. After that it somethimes creates files with a size of 0 bytes, but after a while even that becomes a problem.

    The NAS and the Mac mini are on the same subnet
    - NAS accepts passive ftp

    04-08-13 1610-05: Error communicating with the FTP server "NAS-Backup" 3.0.4,90038,425 425 Can't open passive connection: No such file or directory.

    Debug info from ftp on command line

    mcdoofpot:~ sander$ ftp -d Diskstation-2Tb.local
    Trying 2001:980:77bb:1:f6ec:38ff:fe9a:a504...
    Connected to diskstation-2tb.local.
    220 Diskstation-2Tb FTP server ready.
    ftp_login: user `' pass `' host `Diskstation-2Tb.local'
    Name (Diskstation-2Tb.local:sander): securityspy
    ---> USER securityspy
    331 Password required for securityspy.
    ---> PASS XXXX
    230 User securityspy logged in, access restrictions apply.
    ---> SYST
    215 UNIX Type: L8
    Remote system type is UNIX.
    Using binary mode to transfer files.
    ---> FEAT
    211- Extensions supported:
    211 End.
    features[FEAT_FEAT] = 1
    features[FEAT_MDTM] = 1
    features[FEAT_MLST] = 0
    features[FEAT_REST_STREAM] = 1
    features[FEAT_SIZE] = 1
    features[FEAT_TVFS] = 0
    got localcwd as `/Users/sander'
    ---> PWD
    257 "/" is current directory.
    got remotecwd as `/'

    Does someone have a clue?

  • After spending a couple of hours, trying to debug why this wasn't working, I changed the account name to a different account, i used in the past.

    It works like a charm.

    But why it failed in the first case, I don't know.

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