Dog / object AI detection
  • Any interest in updating the image detection to something like YOLOv3, which supposedly can detect 80 objects.


    Article about it
  • Better AI is going to be a crucial feature going forward. All the cloud providers are going to be able to do a lot in this area I feel. Hopefully those who process videos locally will be able to keep up.
  • Does this go between the camera and SS?
  • It's unlikely that we'd integrate such a package. For SecuritySpy, we need algorithms specifically trained on CCTV images in all lighting conditions, and that run on Apple's CoreML platform in real time. This is exactly how our own human and vehicle detectors have been designed, and they work very well. And, most users of CCTV software are really only concerned with detecting humans and vehicles - adding more classes of objects that the vast majority of users will never need will just result in worse overall performance for most users.
  • One main use case is dog pooping on private property, and the owner didn't pickup. Thus wondering if dog can be separately identified.
  • I would LOVE a way to ignore dogs. Our dogs trigger the human detection all the time, even when we set it for over 95%. And they’re miniature schnauzers… :)

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