Unifi G3 Instant $29 camera SecuritySpy compatible?
  • It doesn't look like it: on the page you link to, it says "Note: UniFi Protect is required to run this product". UniFi Protect is Ubiquiti's own software. That's a shame, as this seems like a neat camera otherwise.
  • Ok, thanks

    That's a bummer
  • I have one, works fine using RTSP feed.
  • Really, that exact model?

    That's encouraging to hear if it's true
  • Excuse me, it does require a Protect server (UDMP or UNVR). I assumed you had some Ubiquti gear.
  • At $30 I may buy one and experiment with it. This page has some great info about configuring from the camera's IP address, similar to how a regular IP Camera would be. The guide is specific to the UniFi Video line (since replaced with Protect) and I've seen conflicting posts as to whether or the camera's management page is still available on the latest models of the Protect line of cameras.


    Edit: Added clarification
  • Let us know if you get it working @cstout

    I have a G3 Flex and no other Ubiquiti hardware and was able to configure it to work with SS just using the camera's IP address
  • If only I had read about this yesterday. I *just* placed a large order with UI and could have added this on. Now I have to pay $14 shipping on this $29 camera. haha
  • pinkoos: Does the audio stream work with the RTSP feed or just video?
  • @jtodd audio and video work great with the G3 Flex and SS
  • @pinkoos bad news. UI has locked this little camera down. Not only have they killed off their scalable and self-installable UniFi Video system, but they've made it so this camera is only configurable through a Protect controller (not even just their Protect app). You need to have a working Protect controller before you can do anything with this camera. It's a shame too, because for $29 this camera appears well-built. I don't have a Protect controller, but I might be able to emulate one long enough to get the camera set up. Others have reported that once the camera is joined to a network it doesn't technically need to talk to the controller anymore. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • How do you plan on emulating the controller?

    Thank you for the feedback
  • There's a project out there called unifi-protect-x86 and that worked well enough to get my Instant activated and on wifi. I'll need to dive deeper, but this camera has a buttery smooth 30fps feed that is only 1fps in the web browser. RTSP can be enabled for it, but all I've seen so far as success with it is that the RTSP feed that's generated is fed through the controller instead of direct from the camera. I hope there's a way to grab it straight from the camera. Not sure why they would want to man in the middle this stream unless it's a proprietary stream format that's being translated to RTSP through the controller.
  • Okay, thanks for the explanation!

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