Capture Destinations / Date Format
  • Hi

    I only use motion capture, its destination is backed up using Google Backup and Sync, works perfect!

    I am wanting to enable continuous but its destination is shared with motion capture. Theres no way to exclude the continuous captures with backup and sync.

    Can I put in a feature request to allow for separate destinations for motion and continuous please?

    Also my date format is set to 'Day/Month/Year' however my recording folders are `2021-02-27`

    Maybe allow users to set a template for how the folder is created, advanced option maybe.


  • If you need to split Motion Capture and Continuous Capture files into different folders, the workaround is to add the camera twice to SecuritySpy: each camera instance can then record to a different folder. If you use identical device settings when adding the second instance of the camera, SecuritySpy will recognise this and won't count the second instance for licensing purposes.

    As for the naming of the day folders - this is not designed for direct user interaction, and is a set format so that SecuritySpy can easily find files for its Browser, web viewing, and auto file deletion, so this format is fixed and won't change.
  • Would adding the camera twice not increase network traffic? Ideally don't want to add it twice if it will double it.

    I do think date format should be configurable. All my dates are UK date format other than these folders :) Also its odd that folders are output like


    but files are `22-03-2021 12-14-41 M Entrance.m4v`


  • As long as the device settings are identical, SecuritySpy will only pull a single stream from the camera, so this does not add network traffic.

    The date format of the file names is configurable, because the user interacts with these files (e.g. when viewing them in a web browser) and so the filenames are visible. But the user generally does not have to interact with the directory structure of the folders that contain these files - this is normally completely hidden from the user - therefore this is not user configurable. The fixed format is necessary for SecuritySpy to be able to easily find files for a specific day for all relevant features (file deletion, web interface, Browser). If the naming of these directories were customisable, this functionality would be much harder, slower and error-prone.
  • Multiple setup works for now but it does appear twice in iOS, probably could do with an option in iOS to hide it from home screen. I know you can exclude from multi-view but I don't use that.

    Also another idea I had was per camera storage settings.

    I don't want continues capture to use up all the space. Maybe it will keep 7 days continues and then recycle but for motion capture I'd like 30 days worth, would that be possible? ideally without introducing a third-part tool.


  • The best way to exclude cameras from the iOS app is to set permissions under Preferences > Web in SecuritySpy. You can set per-camera permissions to exclude the duplicates.

    There is currently no way to set a different auto-delete setting for continuous vs. motion capture. The workaround for this is to use duplicate camera instances and two different drives: set all motion-capture camera instances to capture to one drive, while setting all continuous-capture instances to capture to a second drive. The two drives could be physically separate drives, or separate volumes on the same physical drive. Assuming the drives are roughly the same size, and that you have set SecuritySpy to auto-delete based on disk space, you will get a far longer history for motion captures than you will for continuous captures.

    I understand this is a bit clunky, and you would prefer such features to be explicitly built into the software itself, however since the vast majority of users would not need such features, and since it's possible to achieve the functionality you want with the above workarounds, we are unlikely to add these features because we want to avoid "feature creep", whereby we are adding complexity and clutter for no added benefit to most users.
  • n/p I think hazle from noodlesoft might work well to build such rules easily, will give it a try.

    thanks for the tips.

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