PTZ + I + F
  • Hi Ben, Can you please seriously consider adding Iris and Focus controls to Security Spy. I have 7 zoom cameras that have auto/maual override focus, and 2 that have iris control/override. There are several times I need to zoom-in tight, but focus through tree branches and leaves, but I can't focus with Security Spy. This is stopping me from upgrading to the latest version. I am using the higher-end LOREX branded Dahua 4K camera and 2K 12X PTZ domes. All can use ONVIF.
  • Thanks for the suggestion. I think adding focus control would be useful, we'll have a look at this. As for iris, this should ideally be set to auto so that the camera can adjust to different lighting conditions - can you explain why you would want to control this manually? Thanks.
  • Hi Ben,
    There are many times I need to record license plates, where I live, they are reflective. At night, the ultra-bright IR LED emitters will blow-out a license plate; but I can closedown an iris, and the plate become visible. The same goes about focus. At f2.8 or so, I need to focus on a street that has trees in front. Sometimes autofocus will focus on the trees and branches when I need to focus 50-200’ further. I have to use the inferior vendor’s software, NVR controls, or + iOS apps to accomplish this multiple times a day. My goal is to eliminate the NVR and iOS apps completely and use SecuritySpy solely.
  • Newer cameras have "HLC" mode (Highlight Compensation) that can be set for night vision. This is specifically designed to reduce glare of point sources of light in order to make things like license plates more readable. Do your cameras have this feature?
  • Yes they do, but that affects the entire image quality permanently. I do typically like the default auto-exposure, and gamma presentation 90% of the time, but then there are times I want to manually re/adjust focus, iris, quickly on-the-fly, to view something of interest. These controls are supported natively both in ONVIF and Dahua protocols, aren’t they?

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