older models of Foscam PTZ cameras moving erratically
  • I've seen a post about this elsewhere from last year about Amcrest cameras (which may or may not have mostly the same guts as Foscam cameras I suppose...), but I've been dealing for a while now with older model FI9821 Foscam PTZ cameras moving rapidly and erratically whenever the PTZ controls in either the desktop app or the iOS app are even so much as barely tapped, in the hopes of producing just a small adjustment. These cameras tend to take off and either pan about 90-100 degrees around at full speed, or tilt all the way from wherever they are to the tilt stops.

    I've just now ahead of posting this *finally* updated my camera server from the final V4 version to the most recent V5 version, and the FI9821 models still exhibit this behavior, but *not* when controlled from a Foscam app, which I just this evening tried just as a troubleshooting measure. A Foscam FI9831 I also have on my network works correctly in all apps and in the desktop app.

    Any ideas are appreciated!
  • I'm not immediately sure why this would be happening - could you please let me know what "Profile" setting you are using for this camera, under Preferences - Cameras - Device?
  • "Foscam H.264/H.265". However looking at the model 9831, it was using ONVIF. So you know what happened next, right? :)

    They are working correctly with ONVIF on first test right now. WHO KNEW?!? :)

    Cheers! ;)
  • Great to hear that!

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