Migration Assistant vs Fresh setup of a new Mac mini
  • Hi any advantages/disadvantages of setting up a new Mac mini with SS in terms of doing a fresh setup vs using Migration Assistant?

    Even with MA, will some settings in SS need to be checked and/or tweaked, or should it 'just work?'

    If setting up fresh, what's the best way to 'copy' over all the numerous preferences in SS - it would seem pretty tedious to have to redo each cameras multiple preferences not to mention the global preferences - any advice?

  • Migration Assistant should copy the settings just fine.

    The other method is to use the Export/Import options in the File menu in SecuritySpy, as described in this FAQ: How do I move SecuritySpy from one computer to another, retaining all settings?

    Assuming the new Mac is a direct replacement for the old one, copying the settings file is all that is required and everything should then just work.
  • Thanks @Ben

    What do you mean by direct replacement?
  • I mean if the new machine is replacing the old one. As opposed to in addition to the old one, or installed on a different network and so on. I don't mean that it has to be the same model (I presume the new one is an M1?)
  • Ok thanks

    Yes the plan is for an M1 mini
  • Great, you will be very pleased with the performance :)

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