Headless Mac Pro
  • So I am attempting to dedicate a MacPro 2012 to SecuritySpy recording. I have been reading that a headless mac will not kick in the GPU video acceleration without a monitor or dongle emulating such. If the security spy is running to only record (not have any video display windows showing video) - will it have issues running on the headless MacPro or do I need to find dummy cable to keep the recording working?
  • It's best to get the dongle. Without a monitor connected, the accelerated graphics drivers potentially don't load, and then anything that involves screen display becomes very slow. This includes stuff like screen sharing, which for a headless Mac is very useful. If you search Amazon or eBay for "dvi display emulator" or "dvi monitor emulator" you'll find some suitable dongles.
  • I can confirm this works perfectly, I bought a DVI-D Dummy Plug Adapter from Amazon and it works great.

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