Apply Preferences button in SS Preferences does nothing
  • Hi,

    Trying to change the destination of my captures
    When I change the path, I try clicking on the 'apply preferences' button in the top right but it does nothing (it's not even clickable really)

    I'm running Big Sur 11.2.1

  • Specifically, I'm trying to change the capture destination from an external hard drive back to the default location in my user folder

    It shows as if has been changed, but when SS launches, it hangs on the 'finding capture destination' splash screen for about 30 seconds before finally finishing launching

    However, I almost immediately get an email saying that the capture destination is not present so it will use the default location in the Home folder

    So, it seems that it looks like I've changed the capture destination in the Preferences, but it doesn't actually change it from the external drive back to the Home folder
  • There are two capture destinations that can be set: a default one under Preferences - Storage and individual ones for each camera under Preferences - Cameras - Setup. So it sounds like you may have reset one but not the other, so there is still a capture destination set somewhere that does not exist. Please check these locations for each camera and reset them.
  • Yes, that had fixed it, thank you

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