NO VIDEO when playing back recorded content
  • When I am reviewing captured footage, quite frequently this problem occurs. Every two or three times the video skips from one file to the next, the video screen will show NO VIDEO. Clicking "pause" or "forward" or "back" will not fix it (which I control with the J,K,L keys on the keyboard). So with the mouse I need to either click on a filename on the list of files on the left, or click on the little triangle timeline scrubber and the video will show. This makes it very hard to review footage from the night before since I need to continually click the little triangle scrubber over and over to see my video. This issue is more prominent when scrubbing through video at 4x and 8x speeds but does happen at slower speeds as well.

    I had this problem on my mac mini i7, and are currently experiencing it on my new mac mini M1
  • Just so I understand this correctly, this is when the Browser automatically skips to new segments while it is playing, is this correct? Could you please email us and include screenshots to demonstrate please? I'm not yet sure what this could be, but there are a few things we can investigate to see if we can find the cause.

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