MJPEG Streaming
  • Has the Multipart JPEG "server push" video stream as documented in the web server docs been depreciated?

    I only ask as it does not work in the latest versions of SecuritySpy. I'm using the URL but it brings up a 404 not found error.
  • This streaming method is very much still supported - the most likely reasons for a 404 error here is if the camera number is incorrect, or if the camera in question is offline at the time of the request. Check the Camera Info window for the correct camera numbers.
  • Camera numbers correct, and camera certainly is online??

    I figured it out by looking at the web interface and it would appear that it needs a extra flags at the end of the url in the form of some numbers - not sure why this would be, but it works if I include these and doesn't if I take them out.

  • What client are you using here - is this a web browser? The numbers are the end are purely to circumvent browser cache. The idea is that they change every time a new request is made, so that the browser is forced to make a fresh request rather than delivering the result of the last request from its cache. So what you were experiencing could have been a cache issue - I have tested this here and can't find a problem with the way SecuritySpy itself is handling this request.
  • I'm importing the video stream from SecuritySpy into a mpeg streamer within my Home Assistant interface, without the cache refresh numbers at the end it does not start the stream.

    Likewise, if I go to the direct URL in a safari browser, that's where I get a 404 file not found error without using the cache refresh number at the end.

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