Apple TV asking for address of SecuritySpy server
  • I've tried almost all the fields in "How do I access this server" box to respond to Apple TV asking address of the SecuritySpy Server without success. What field name has what Apple TV is looking for when trying to log into SS on Apple TV? Thanks
  • Is the Apple TV on the same local network as SecuritySpy? If so, then it should simply detect your SecuritySpy server automatically and you don't need to enter any address details.

    However, if you are connecting over the Internet, you will first need to set up remote access to SecuritySpy, which involves creating an address in the form It's this address you then need to enter into the SecuritySpy tvOS app in order to connect to your server over the Internet.
  • The former. Apple TV does detect Security Spy server, then asks for username, password and after that is entered it asks for the address for the server. It is on a the same LAN.

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