Feature Request: iOS app Geofencing
  • First I want to apologize if this has been posted recently. I did a quick search and see some older posts about looking at it, and that it became complicated. However, haven’t seen anything real recent. Is it still too complicated to include some geofencing in the iOS app?

    It would be awesome to say set presets based on the location of the phone.
  • I agree that this would be a very useful feature, and we have considered it in the past. We discovered that this requires iOS implementation in our app (it can't just be done in macOS SecuritySpy), and at the time, we had a long list of higher-priority features that we wanted to add to the app, which took precedence. We are now in a better position to look at this, so we'll see what we can do in a future update.
  • One scenario that I'm interested in is the case when both my wife and I are away from the house then SS motion triggers are automatically enabled but if either one of us is at the house then the triggers are disabled. Note, we each have an iphone.

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