Full Screen Mode Layout View
  • I replaced my fathers Hikvision recorder with SS on the New M1 Mac.
    One thing that he enjoyed was the Layout View where he could have one camera larger than the rest taking up say 4 camera spaces and the others smaller. Doesn't seem like this is possible with SS. He would really like to keep an eye on one camera as it's more important than the others. I tried to do this with the All Cameras window however there is a lot of black space on the windows and if done with the correct aspect ratio then the full screen is not utilised and parts of the background can be seen. If Full Screen Mode would the view to be modified even though the ratio would not be right and would cause some stretching, this would be good for many users.
  • I agree that some more flexibility in terms of layout would be a nice addition to the full screen feature (e.g. allowing some cameras to be larger than others), I'll see what we can do in terms of these kinds of improvements

    In terms of blank space around video images, if there is a lot of this in a particular layout, the only way to remove this blank space would be to either stretch/distort the images significantly, or crop them significantly, and it seems to me that neither of these options are desirable, and could result in distortions that could look quite strange.
  • Thank you for that. I really hope the flexibility can be added to Full Screen mode.

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