Connection issues on Apple TV
  • Hey Everyone,

    Some background here. I have a single camera located in a viewing room at a funeral home. We stream the video to 3 or 4 Apple TVs through-out the building using the Security Spy tvOS app, so others can see and hear whats happening in the viewing room if it is a large gathering.

    The Apple TVs are Model A1842 (32GB) running tvOS 13.4.8(17M61). Tech support said I needed to update the Security Spy software to the latest version, which I did this morning. We are now running v5.3.1 SS. The iMac that is being used as the host server is running MacOS Mojave 10.14.6. The camera being used is a Vivotek FD9360-H.

    Ok here is the issue.

    We installed a new camera as the old one died. Once we installed the new camera it would glitch out and drop the connection. However after the new camera was installed the client reports that it would drop the connection often. Clients mentioned that they could not hear what was being said in the other room. I was called to fix it. Thinking that maybe the camera that was recently installed was just bad. So we installed another new camera. Except the same issue occurred immediately.

    I reached out to Security Spy tech support who told me that the issue was the newer cameras stream being H.265 and that I would need to update from version 4 to version 5 to solve the problem. I said ok fine so be it.

    This morning I upgraded the software on the iMac to v5.3.1 and now all the Apple TVs say either "No Camera" or if I play with the settings I can get the selection page but the image is grayed out with a camera icon and a red "X'.

    I seriously don't know what to do. The client is looking to me to solve the problem. The system worked fine with the old camera but now with the new camera and updated software its worse then it was before... I can see the feed on the iMac fine. Which only leaves me more confused as to why its not working.

    I need this resolved ASAP. Any help would be much appreciated.

  • I think it's best that we help you with directly, so I have emailed you about this issue.

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